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Anti-Semitism at ASU? Being Jewish on Campus - Shared screen with speaker view
Ariel Rozemberg
Or Charleston with "Jews will not replace us"
Ariel Rozemberg
Lisa Kaplan
Interested in learning more about Antisemitism in the United States? Please join us next Sunday, February 21st at 4:00 pm MST for the Eckstein Scholar in Residence Program featuring Professor Jeffrey Gurock of Yeshiva University speaking on American Jewry's Contemporary Scorecard: Antisemitism and Tolerance in the United States. To register visit http://jewishstudies.asu.edu/eckstein
Lisa Kaplan
Genocide Awareness Week will be hosted by Scottsdale Community College April 12-17, 2021. To learn more http://scottsdalecc.edu/genocide-awareness-week-2021
Lisa Kaplan
Genocide Awareness Week will be moving to ASU in 2022. Stay tuned for more information.
Carl Goldberg
The IHRA definition of antisemitism has become controversial because it includes anti-Zionism (hatred of Israel) as a form of antisemitism. Can the panelists please discuss this?
stan meyer
Debbie, where did you get the figure of 20% identify as Jews of color? The last report I read from Jews or Color initiative reported 15%. Is this a new report from them?
Naomi Jackson
I have had very concerning conversations with Jewish students at ASU about their being socially silenced and confused in terms of their Jewish identity by the ‘right’ and the ‘left’. On the one hand —on the right — they are seen as ‘other’ (similar to immigrants, etc.) but on the ‘left’ are seen as ‘white’ and privileged, and therefore not listened to or recognized as valid voices in anti-racist discussions or presentations and performances highlighting People of Color. These are subtle … and also effect faculty and not just students. How can we better help students navigate this situation if some faculty at ASU feel similarly?
Debbie Yunker Kail
The statistic about Jews of color is from this study/site: https://globaljews.org/resources/research/counting-jews/
Debbie Yunker Kail
Bechol Lashon
Carl Goldberg
There has been much discussion of antisemitism on the right and antisemitism on the left. What has not been discussed, or even hinted at, is that there is a very major source of antisemitism around the world which is neither "right" nor "left". I am referring to ISLAMIC antisemitism. The Koran tells Muslims that Jews are the worst enemies of the Muslims. The Koran commands Muslims to make war on the Jews and subjugate them to Islamic rule. Muhammad commanded Muslims to fight the Jews and kill them. These doctrines are taught as sacred in every mosque n the world including the Islamic center at ASU. The Muslim Student Association on hundreds of college campuses including ASU is a derivative of The Muslim Brotherhood, and the MSA is fully on the side of the Palestinian goal of destroying Israel. Can the panelists address Islamic antisemitism?
Lenka Bustikova
^ interesting point. Which social group presents more danger to Jewish students / staff at ASU. The Muslim student organization or white supremacy groups. My money is on the second and QAnon networks.
Debbie Friedman
good for these students! I’m so proud of you and your actions 😍
Carlos Castro
^ only one organization I know invited Baked Alaska, who stormed the Capitol, and it was not the MSA
Ariel Rozemberg
Carl, the antisemitism that originates from the Koran has a lot to do with the ways that Jews were viewed in the Christian world which included parts of the middle east. The antisemitism that originates from Islam is comparable but even so not as bad as Christian antisemitism. I remember hearing your specialty is Russian History, which while very interesting is not very connected to the Muslim world.
Debbie Yunker Kail
Please put your questions in the Q&A so we can better keep track of them! Thanks to all here this evening.
Carl Goldberg
The fact that I studied Russian history more than half a century ago has nothing to do with my knowledge of Islam. I have been studying Islam for about twenty years, so your comment about my Russian studies is irrelevant. Islamic antisemitism is a supremely important topic which needs to be discussed.
Madeleine Steppel
I interned with Asra Nomani, who is probably most known as a co-founder of the Muslim Reform Movement, which aims to de-radicalize Islam. She showed me multiple versions of the Koran from various countries/traditions, and it is amazing the contrast. Some preach direct antisemitism and anti-Christian ideology, whereas others preach the "love thy neighbor" philosophy. Broadly painting Muslim antisemitism is not exactly correct, but I would argue that it is the foremost danger to our community today.
Carl Goldberg
I agree with you that Islamic antisemitism is the foremost danger to our community today, at least in the long term. The major danger from the American Islamic community is their influence on the American government to move away from support of Israel..
Diana Friedman
Thank you for tonight.
Madeleine Steppel
What they are doing is turning supporting Israel into a partisan effort, rather than the non-partisan one that has been for decades. In the words of Lincoln, "A house divided against itself cannot stand."
The Fabulous Friedman Five
forks. up!!!
Emily Kaplan
I took a Jewish history class last semester and I was the only Jew in it if that helps!
Eugene Clay
Jewish Studies at ASU is intellectually exciting and vibrant.
The Fabulous Friedman Five
How can parents help?
Debbie Friedman
I like that Emily: we have a lot more in common with other people than they might think. nice positive perspective
Tiffany Lopez
Thank you, panelists, for such an outstanding and inspiring presentation; and to participants for the questions launcing this great conversation.
Debbie Yunker Kail
thank you all - great work
Lisa Kaplan
Great job everyone! Thank you for participating.
Debbie Yunker Kail
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Michele Millman
Thank you so much for this program!
Naomi Jackson
THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing this!
Ariel Rozemberg
This was very informative, thank you.
Robin LaCorte
Thanks so much for a very informative evening. Much appreciation.
arina melkozernova
thank you!
Tiffany Lopez
Wonderful to share this program with you!